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Scan, View, Convert, Save and Edit PDFs.

Stay productive while mobile. Docs is a must have for anyone who needs to securely access and annotate documents while on the go. Docs lets you open and annotate documents from SharePoint, File Shares, and You can also scan paper documents into PDF format

  • Open corporate documents while on the go.
  • Annotate PDF documents.
  • Scan documents, photos, receipts, and more into PDFs.
  • Create PDFs from Word documents.
Notate Docs is part of the 4-app Productivity Suite.

Scan Documents to PDF

Docs turns your iPhone or iPad into a high quality scanner. Scan documents, receipts, or photos into multipage PDF documents.

View and Edit PDF Documents

Read and annotate your PDF files like a pro. Sign and fill out forms.

Seamlessly save to SharePoint

Open and save documents from SharePoint or corporate file shares*. No flipping between apps to open or save

Convert Office documents to PDF

Documents are converted securely on device and never sent to the cloud.

Navigate documents with ease.
Annotate PDF files with text, drawing, highlighting and more.
Scan paper documents into PDF files.
Productivity Suite
How to Purchase?

Secure access to corporate SharePoint and File Shares. Docs also integrates with Notate, so that you can easily annotate document attachments.

  • Highlight text
  • Handwritten annotations (Apple Pencil support)
  • Review documents and make notes or corrections
  • Sign documents
  • Fill out forms
Why Docs?

With Docs all of your information remains secured within your own network. No additional servers are required. Documents are secured with FIPS-certified encryption. No documents ever reside in the cloud and is instead are synced and backed up via a secure tunnel to corporate file shares. Docs helps busy Professionals organize important meetings, improve team productivity and information sharing.

  • Open documents from SharePoint, Corporate File Shares, or*
  • Annotate PDF files with text, highlighting, drawing, images and more
  • Scan paper documents into PDF files
  • Convert Word documents, images, and other files into PDF documents for annotation and sharing
  • Share documents via email, Open In, or save back to SharePoint

Notate Productivity Suite

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