Notate for Business & Enterprise

Notate helps you get organized and stay productive.

Notate allows you to capture, organize and share all your ideas. All information remains secured within your own network. No additional servers are required.

  • Capture everything that matters.
  • Find it easily.
  • Organize your work.
  • Share and Collaborate with colleagues.
Notate is part of the 4-app Productivity Suite.

For  Individuals & Teams

Notate empowers productivity for individuals and teams.

Individual Productivity
  • Collect images, documents, web research, and notes
  • Store everything in one place and Find it easily
  • Sync across computers, tablets, and phones
Team Productivity
  • Team spaces for collaboration
  • Communicate with shared action items and notebooks
  • Searchable team knowledge

Get to know Notate

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Always available, everywhere you go.

Any platform, online or offline, your content is always there.

Save Everything

With Notate you can collect everything that matters knowing that you’ll always be able to find it back easily.

  • Handwritten meeting notes
  • Audio recordings
  • Action Items, Tasks and Reminders
  • Annotated web clippings
  • Business cards and Barcodes
  • Photos and more...
Productivity Suite
How to Purchase?
  • Capture your ideas with full featured word processor
  • Attach important documents
  • Save web clippings or email conversations for later reference
  • Sketch or write with stylus, including iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support.
  • Capture images and annotate them
  • Record meeting audio
  • Collaborate with group workspaces
  • Free clients on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
Data is encrypted with enterprise grade security.  No data ever resides in the cloud and is instead synced and backed up via a secure tunnel to the corporate Exchange server.
Why Notate?
  • Evernote like features to extend your brain.
  • Group workspaces for shared ideas.
  • Capture documents, audio, images & more.
Related Benefits
  • Your data remains secure on your network.
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Secure access to information online and offline.

Notate Productivity Suite

Maximize your potential.