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Notate Productivity Suite is being deprecated and merged into Notate

Notate is becoming the ultimate Exchange PIM, by including all of the features of the full Notate Productivity Suite.

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Joel Shafer
September 11, 2017
Avoid Vendor Lock-In with Notate

Notate is announcing cross EMM licensing. This means that you can migrate users between EMMs without having to re-license your Notate software.

Joel Shafer
July 19, 2017
Healthcare professionals are using Notate to keep patient records secure

Blackberry has released an article emphasizing how important it is to keep healthcare information secure, and how Blackberry solutions, including Notate, are making this possible for healthcare providers today.

Joel Shafer
June 9, 2017
Notate for Windows 3.0

Notate for Windows now includes a full task manager, as well as team collaboration features.

Joel Shafer
May 10, 2017
Introducing the Notate Productivity Suite for BlackBerry

The ultimate organization tool. Write, collect, annotate, & collaborate all in one place.

Joel Shafer
September 21, 2016
Sign PDF Documents with Notate

Sign and annotate PDF documents with Notate for Good 4.10.

Joel Shafer
September 11, 2016
iOS 10 and Android N Ready

Notate for Good now supports iOS 10 and Android N.

Joel Shafer
July 13, 2016
Notate joins the AppConfig Community

Shafer Systems announced today that Notate is joining the AppConfig community, bringing the best version of Notate to a broad range of EMM vendors.

Joel Shafer
June 21, 2016
Our handwriting has improved!

Vast handwriting improvements in Notate for iOS in addition to added support for Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro make it easy to scan and fill out forms, or just take your notes by hand.  

Joel Shafer
May 20, 2016
Document scanning comes to Notate

Notate can now scan and store business cards, receipts and paper documents.